Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Alaska... Are you crazy?!!

Yes, that's what I said. Our family is moving to the far north... Alaska! I can hardly believe it myself. The past few months have been a wild and incredible ride for the Rucci family! I will attempt to explain what has led us to this incredible place...

As most of you know Rob has been leading worship on a part-time basis at different churches for the past 13 years or so. After stepping down from his most recent position at Greenville First Assembly, we both felt God tugging at our hearts to "take a leap of faith" and pursue a full-time worship pastor position...WHEREVER that may be. However; before we actually started looking for a position, some dear friends of ours, the Revells, moved to Fairbanks, AK, where Chris Revells took a position as an Associate / Youth Pastor at Jubilee Worship Center. Rob and I decided to go with them and stay for a week, hoping to help ease their transition to such a faraway place. Apparently God had another plan in the works as well. While there, Rob led worship at Jubilee Worship Center, which led to the pastor wanting to introduce Rob to the pastor at First Assembly of God in Fairbanks, right across town! To make a rather long story short, we met Pastor Paul, his wife Cindy, and Pastors Jeremy and Charee' . They asked us to stay and lead worship on Easter sunday. They even paid the extra money for our hotel, car, and plane tickets. So, we stayed, Rob led worsip, then we came home.

The next week, Rob got an email from Pastor Paul asking him if we would like to join the staff of Fairbanks First Assembly! We were blown away! We did not go to Alaska looking for a job, we went to help some friends paint a house! As God would have it, He knew how hard a decision this would be to make, to leave all of our family and friends, so we were presented with a unique offer from Pastor Paul. How about an 18 month contract? That way we could go up there, and have time to figure out if that is where we are supposed to stay. If not, we go home. Plain and simple. When we got that offer, we KNEW we were supposed to take it.

So, now we are in the process of selling things, shutting down our business, and cleaning out our house. I am the last person in the world that EVER thought I'd live in Alaska! I always teased Rob about just, "sending me a paycheck", when he talked about moving up there. As you can imagine, this is a bit of a dream come true for him. He will get to do something he loves on a full-time basis, hunt a bunch of big animals, hike Denali (Mt. McKinley), and find a hundred new hobbies to take part in. Truthfully, the whole family is excited and we are looking forward to a great adventure in Alaska! More than that, we are looking forward to what God is going to do in all of us through this.

One final note... we got the idea for this blog from our dear friends, the Revells, and thought it was a fantastic way to keep our family and friends up to date with us. I will update this from time to time as we approach our moving date, which at this point will most likely be July 16th. We are actually going to Washington State with Rob's family for 10 days, and then on to Fairbanks around the 26th, if we can get everything done here. This is intended to be a family blog, so I promise I will get Rob to post his thoughts from time to time.

We appreciate your thoughts and prayers!

The Ruccis


  1. already crying....oops...great you guys!

  2. UH... Cole and I watched Ice Road Truckers last night(Fairbanks Alaska)... -70 below zero!!!!! Have you lost your mind????
    I have been doing a little research on the reasons why people would flee to Alaska.

    The number one reason is: Running from the Law. Rob whatever you did or killed, we can help. I will personally get you the best attorneys money can buy. Your very own "Dream Team"

    The number two reason is: God has called you because of your hunting/tracking experience to go evangelize to the entire Alaskan population of 83 people who are in hiding and call Alaska home. You are obedient and have learned "JONAH'S" lesson well. I on the other hand would require the "big fish" disciplinary action to make such a bold move.

    We will definately plan on visiting. (summers only) If I find myself a fugitive and needing a place to hide I will certainly be looking for a place to stay. I love the no taxes theory.

    Do they call the cold time of year winter?
    Or is known as the
    "Ice Age"
    "Frost Bite season"
    "Hypothermia Time of year"

    What a great opportunity for the kids to grow up in Alaska. What a fantastic change of pace. I bet so many things are different. I bet all the juice is frozen in Alaska not just orange juice. The supermarkets... whoops The Trading Outpost has an outdoor freezer section. Post pictures of that Ski-doo that seats 50 passengers that the public transportation uses instead of buses.

    Enough said for now. I'll be in touch. I am available to help you in any way you need. Just let me know. Becky and I are excited for your family but are however giving second thoughts to the possiblities of Coleman and Riley marrying Elizabeth and Madison. Your boys might have that "Lets move to Alaska" gene.

  3. I still say those Revells are BAD influences on you...;) you will be missed!!!