Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rob's Moose Encounter

So there was a moose in our church parking lot the night before last. Our pastor called me, as I'd asked him earlier to let me know if he ever saw one out there. She spent about 45 minutes eating the choke cherry tree branches around the parking lot. Although he assures me she wasn't THAT big, (she was roughly the size of a mini-van), her head was dead level with the roof overhang on Pastor Paul's house. After inching my way closer over a LONG period of time, I ended up about 20 feet away, snapping pictures like the paparazzi at Britney Spears' re-hab release party. At that point she (the moose) decided she'd had enough of the photo op and turned toward me. She pinned back her ears and blew steam (or smoke) out her nose, then started moving toward me. I actually never realized how well I could move through snow wearing entirely too much clothing, carrying cameras and lenses. It was kind of like Carl Lewis in a parka, screaming like a little girl, across the church parking lot toward the door. As I dove through the door Mary Beth was holding open, I noticed my wife laughing hysterically at my near death experience, only to turn around and realize that the moose had actually only taken about two steps toward me. It was still an impressive run.


  1. "snapping pictures like the paparazzi at Britney Spears' re-hab release party"

    Hilarious!!! I can just imagine that picture in my head! Yall try to stay warm...I can not imagine.

  2. This story paints a sad, scary word picture for me! That is...after I get off the floor from rolling around & laughing so hard!! :)